Design & Planning

planningInner-Coast Contractors provide a complex service beyond manual labour, hinging on both visual aesthetic and function. The crux at where aesthetic and function meet is design; everything begins with design and we will help you develop a plan that meets all of your needs.

Our landscaping depot, which is located at the corner of Hwy 21 and 79 underwent an expansion in 2014 and is now a landscaping centre open to the public, with a broad selection of landscape materials to choose from. Whether you want to employ our services or go the DIY route, customers will find topsoil, mulch, aggregate and an impressive selection of beautiful natural armor stone and rocks sourced from local quarries.

We offer simple services such as lawn care and property maintenance in addition to our landscaping design work. Whether your gardens simply need a flourish of style, or you’re looking to completely re-imagine your outdoor space, we have all the tools you require and will guide you through the entire process. We’ve done it all, from building retaining walls and patios, to creating custom stonework and impressive gardens or installing ponds and artificial turf systems for both residential and commercial applications.

Our excavating services include demolition, digging foundations and trenches, building rock walls, installing septic systems, bulldozing and trucking.

If you’re starting from scratch with a new build Inner-Coast will show you our dedication by sticking with you from the moment our excavating team first breaks ground to the final reveal of your outdoor oasis designed by our skilled landscapers.

All of our services come back to one thing: ensuring our expert workmanship guarantees lasting value to our customers.